About us

Hi there! I'm Kathy Mccann, and I'm a self-taught crafter who discovered my passion for creating personalized items in 2016. It all started with love from making special gifts for my own family, and from there, Harbella Designs was born in 2018. 🎨✨
At Harbella, we're all about spreading the love for design and personalized creations to everyone. With meticulous attention to detail and a whole lot of hard work, I'm committed to keeping this small business thriving and making people's hearts skip a beat with every item they receive. ❤️🎁
While I pour my heart and soul into Harbella, I'm also proud to maintain a full-time career within the United States Postal Service. 📮💪 Each day, I'm driven to juggle both worlds and watch Harbella grow bigger and better with every step.
Let's connect and be a part of our amazing Harbella community! 🌸 Follow along for creative inspiration, behind-the-scenes peeks into my crafting process, and exclusive offers and giveaways. Together, let's make the world a little more personalized, one beautiful creation at a time! ✨🌎✉️